The Dark Side of the American Legal System

Meet the new Gods as they protect their friends and their own asses including every legal person in their cult. Their myth of righteousness which has the ethics of a terrorist and is something I never thought could happen in America. Lately it seems, America maybe totally out of control.

So, justices, you picked on the wrong Vet to frame for misdemeanors. I will expose you if it is the last fucking thing I do. When people hear the shit that you do maybe your god will forgive you, but I will not. Absolute corruption to the max and who would have guessed it goes all the way to the highest court in America. Yes, I knew the pricks were hiding perjury evidence and then these pricks made me do six fucking years with no parole. I had no parole because the prison assholes in Pennsylvania said I had to admit to the charges of my no contest plea or no parole: I told them I can never admit to fraudulent charges and thus did six years for fraudulent misdemeanors. I picked up some prison words so please understand that my French is not something my mom and dad ever taught me. They did teach me to protect American values which these pricks have totally abandoned.

A total disgrace

Our highest Court is a total disgrace, my evidence proves it. Some may be ethical, but not one of them have suggested legal reform which is truly needed. No checks or balances on this court.

  • Let me some this up:
  • This court has allowed a DA to hide perjury evidence.
  • This court has allowed a DA to commit fraud upon a Federal Court.
  • This court has allowed an attorney to knowingly lie to his client just to protect his fucking friends.
  • This court has allowed a judge to dismiss substantial evidence that could have exposed false death threats.
  • This court has allowed a federal judge to rule that perjury evidence was OK to dismissed.
  • This court has allowed that same judge to ignore evidence of fraud upon her court.
  • Then one of the justices of the U. S. Supreme Court dismissed all of it with a stroke of a pen.
  • Thus, this fucking court allowed a fraudulent conviction to stand just to protect a legal ruse.
  • Listen I have all the evidence so these fucks should be exposed for their unconstitutional behavior: too bad we don’t have a world court to punishment and correct these injustices.

See all the evidence documented at The Beast Attacks